Friday, May 3, 2013

*Dogs with Talent

There are some very smart and talented dogs in the world. Their owners take pride in teaching them to mimic human behavior. With a little patience and technique, owners can have their dogs performing incredible tricks over time.

In this video you’ll see several dogs of different breeds getting a bit of exercise, not by running but by participating in some favorite past times that people love. Here are some highlights:

Norman, The Trike Riding Dog – This dog is no stranger to riding. It can ride the tricycle (seen in this video) and a scooter. He’s also quite the celebrity appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, Cartoon Network, Inside Edition and more. Right now Norman is actually on a show on the Hallmark Channel called “Who Let the Dogs Out?”
The Pool Shark – Halo the pool playing dog can play with the best of them. His YouTube video has more than a million views. He’s got technique and skill to sink a ball into every pocket on the pool table!
Famous Skateboarding Dogs – Tillman the skateboarding dog is world famous. He started a trend and now other bull dogs are following suit, jumping on skateboards including Darla and Max.
Dancing Chihuahua – This Chihuahua can cut up a rug! It is dancing to flamenco. Its Spanish flare and  funny moves makes this Chihuahua a popular dog on the internet.