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Thursday, May 23, 2013

*Amadeus Clears the Pool Table

Amadeus Clears the Pool Table

You can teach your dog to sit and rollover, and you can also teach them how to do chores and participate in games. Training your dog to do tasks around the house takes a little bit of time and effort on an owner’s part. A dog owner has posted a video of their Chihuahua playing a game of pool. In this video, watch “Amadeus” as he clears the pool table one ball at a time.

“Amadeus” doesn’t appear to have a specific strategy other than making sure all pool balls sink into the pockets. You’ll see someone in the video make the break in the pool balls. Then “Amadeus” gets to work, rolling the balls with his paws into one of four pockets on the pool table. He’s clearly working hard because he’s growling at the balls as he rolls them across the table. Once he sinks a ball in a pocket, he looks down it to make sure the ball went in! “Amadeus” is double checking his moves. The owner also makes sure to congratulate the Chihuahua after every sink. Eventually he clears the entire table.

The video has more than 800,000 views. You can also meet “Amadeus” in person if you contact the owner. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

*Owner Surprised after Oklahoma Tornado Spares Dog

Owner Surprised after Oklahoma Tornado Spares Dog

The monster EF-5 tornado that hit Oklahoma on Monday May, 20 has killed 24 people and has destroyed 2,400 homes. The mayor of Moore has since realized that residents could have been saved had there been a place to seek refuge in their homes. He is trying to get an ordinance passed that requires storm shelters in new housing projects.

But in the aftermath Mother Nature’s wrath, there lies hope. Moore resident Barbara Garcia lost her home to the tornado. But she had a game plan in place which was to run into her bathroom with her dog in the event of a tornado. While she had survived, her dog was missing.  “When it stopped and I hollered for my little dog and he didn’t answer.”  She was telling this to a television reporter during an interview on Monday when she got quite a surprise.

As Garcia spoke to the reporter, there was movement under the rubble and there was her dog. “Well I got God to answer one prayer to let me be okay, but he answered both of them because this was my second prayer," she said.

Residents of Moore are left to pick up the pieces. They are being slowly allowed back to their neighborhoods. Stories of survival are starting to unfold and news outlets across the country are sharing their stories online. CNN has interviewed several residents who survived including Candace Phillips who dodged the tornado along with her newborn son. He is only six days old. She grabbed her son and jumped in her car as the tornado ripped through the town. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

*Investigation Launched after Off-Duty Officer Kills Neighbor’s Dog

Investigation Launched after Off-Duty Officer Kills Neighbor’s Dog

Controversy surrounds an investigation into the death of a four month old pit bull. An Investigation was launched Friday, May 17 after an off-duty officer shot and killed the pit bull in Chicago.

According to the eight-year veteran of the force, he was walking with his five year old son in a neighborhood when the pit pull, Maximus charged them. That’s when the officer pulled out a gun and shot the dog. The owner, Samantha Maglaya tried rushing the Maximus to the veterinary hospital but it was too late. She says the dog died en route to the hospital, “We just drove as fast as possible. I was hoping we could get him there so they could save him but he died in the car.”

Maglaya does not believe that her dog would intentionally hurt people. She says he’s “the biggest baby”. According to her, Maximus had eight bullet holes in him after the shooting which took place in their front yard.

The off-duty officer was interviewed by a reporter with NBC Chicago. During the interview the officer says he took his son with his bike to the sidewalk and the dog came out of a gangway and charged them. But some neighbors say that the boy was a block away during the shooting and that Maximus never even barked. The officer says the dog should have been on a leash. A Sargent met with the dog’s family and neighbors say they were issued two citations.

The story has got Facebook users in an uproar. Pit bull dogs are known to be aggressive but over the years pit bull supporters have backed these dogs by starting campaigns to end the stigma. Comments are a reflection of the controversy. Some say that it looked as though the shooting was planned.  “Ridicoulous to shoot the dog. Why because it was a pit? And it sounds like the officer planned on shooting the dog. Why was his child so far away from him? Sounds like it was planned to me,” a comment posted by Carol Christensen. Another person agreed with her saying “Yeah, I thought so too.. he had simply thought that if it's a pit bull it cannot be safe.”

Pit bull enthusiasts say the owners are to blame for a misbehaved pit bull and that these dogs can be just as loving and safe with responsible training. The American Pit Bull Foundation has launched a Responsibility Campaign to help owners better understand their dogs. The foundation works directly with owners to help them tackle behavior problems, medical emergencies and more. 

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Friday, May 17, 2013

*A Serenade for Sleeping Pups

A Serenade for Sleeping Pups

Owning a puppy can be a handful, especially if you own more than one! They can be rambunctious, messy, misbehaved and loud. Training a dog when it’s a puppy is important so they develop great behaviors as they become adults.  It can also be difficult to get puppies to go to sleep since they are usually up and restless moving around. Without an effective strategy, owners might find it difficult to get some peace and quiet when they need to get some shut eye. Sometimes the strategy can be as simple as singing a song.

One puppy owner appears to have figured that out. In this video, you’ll see five puppies in an open crate of sorts. They are whimpering and looking at their owner for attention. The owner begins to sing the song Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite by The Spaniels. As the owner sings the song in a low voice, each dog starts to relax, lie down and fall asleep. Before the song was even finished, all the puppies appeared to be sound asleep. The person recording the video says, “I wouldn’t believe it, if I hadn’t seen it.” Those who are told the story might be doubtful. But they will become believers as well after watching this video. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

*Dog Pushes Cat in Tub

Dog Pushes Cat in Tub

Dogs and cats tend to play games with one another if they are comfortable. If they are living under the same roof, they are used to each other’s smells, mannerisms and antics! But who rules the home? These two animals are different species with different expectations. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 44% of U.S. pet owners have multiple pets. The most common are cats and dogs. It’s important to understand that in order to have some sort of harmony between these two animals, they must be introduced the right way when they first meet.

In this video, the cat and the dog clearly know each other and are having some fun. They are not concentrating on each other, but the toy that is floating in shallow water in the bath tub. They are just staring at it, and probably wondering who’s going to go for this toy. It appears that neither the cat nor the dog want to jump in the water. As the video plays, you see the dog look up at the person filming. It doesn’t know what to do about this predicament. The person filming takes the toy and has the cat smell it to see if it will jump in the water and go for it. But it continues to sit on the ledge of the bath tub. This stagnation goes on for about a minute and then hilarity ensues! The dog actually pushes the cat into the bath tub. It’s just another example of how cats and dogs can play and live together. 

*Defying the Odds- Faith the Two-Legged Dog

Defying the Odds- Faith the Two-Legged Dog

You might have heard about this inspirational story. These are pictures and a video of “Faith” the two-legged dog that walks on its hind legs. How “Faith” got where she is today is what her owner calls perseverance. The Labrador chow was born just before Christmas in 2002. Her owner, Jude Stringfellow says in 2003 her son Reuben rescued “Faith” when she was only three weeks old. Faith’s mom was actually trying to suffocate her own pup. According to Jude, the mama dogs do this instinctively when they know certain pups can’t make their way to breast feed.

After they rescued the three week old pup, they quickly noticed that she was severely deformed. Stringfellow says she looked up at us with “hope and faith”.  The puppy was born with severely deformed front legs. She could only move by dragging herself across the floor. Stringfellow took the pup to the veterinarian seeking help for her deformity. But the vet recommended putting the puppy down. The vet warned that if the puppy continued, she would rub a hole in her chest and chin. To Stringfellow, euthanizing this dog was never an option. When her son had brought her the puppy, it actually had three legs but the left front was severely deformed. At seven months old, they had the leg removed.

That’s when the incredible started to happen. She had to learn how to walk like a human on her hind legs. Stringfellow says that teaching Faith how to walk was not easy and not natural.  She started teaching her by putting peanut butter on the end of a spoon so Faith would look at it and lift up her chin. Faith would then sit up like a rabbit. She would be summoned from across the room and then she would do a small hop. The day she took a big hop, they named her “Faith”. The dog then learned how to run, not from Stringfellow but from one of her other dogs. One day, that dog bit her on the back of the leg and then she just stood up and ran across the yard. “She is a demonstration of what it looks like to persevere” Stringfellow says.

“Faith” was very popular with the media and has been on several radio shows and has made many television appearances. This includes the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Montel Williams Show, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and more. “Faith” had actually made national headlines in 2007 when an airline accidently put her on the wrong plane to Orlando. Stringfellow says her special pooch is the only one in the world who walks on two legs all the time. She actually has two inspiring books out about “Faith”. One is about her family and her dog titled With a Little Faith. The other is about Faith’s story titled FAITH WALKS, A Memoir of a Beautiful Life. “Faith” is currently retired although she does make appearances at certain events, including visiting soldiers where they call her “Sgt. Faith”. 

*Puppy with Extreme Obedience and Will Power

Puppy with Extreme Obedience and Will Power

The relationship between a dog and its food is very simple. They want to eat right away. Their instincts tell them to eat what’s in front of them and fast. Perhaps evolution has taught them this instinct. According Pets Advisor, dogs are social carnivores like wolves. Wolves travel in packs and kill. The wolf that eats the fastest and more of the prey has a better chance of survival. In turn, the wolf can pass along its genes. While this may be true, some dogs graze their food and come back later for more and some gorge themselves until they are sick.

This golden retriever puppy seen in this video ignores all of these instincts. This dog is extremely obedient and possibly has the strongest will power ever exhibited by a canine. The person shooting the video has placed two peanuts on the puppy’s paw. The puppy is staring at the peanuts and has been told to “leave it”. The puppy obeys and continues to stare. Finally the camera man tells the dog it can eat the peanuts and of course it does. This type of behavior has been taught. It takes constant repetition to get a dog to be obedient, especially when food has been placed right in front of its nose! It makes for a very cute video.